Investment readiness

Investment readiness meaning is " The capacity of an enterprise to understand and meet the specific needs and expectations of investors". 

How we do it?

Conducting a in-depth assessment of the company to highlight the effective investment readiness level and likelihood of a positive capital raising.

We will provide a list of identified gaps to be addressed and missing elements that any formal investor expect to see.

Our aim is to identify short and long term gaps  to strengthen the investment case and every important aspects of the capital raising which need to be addressed before approaching investors.

Glass Buildings
Glass Buildings


We first conduct a detailed evaluation of the company to plan and develop a robust investment plan.

We then prepare funding requirement and capital structure analysis to justify the size of the equity capital raising required. The combination of the valuation analysis and financial plan will determine the indicative percentage shareholding that the new investors will receive for their investment.

IdealMio's advisors prepares or improves investor ‘teaser’, a prospectus or information memorandum, pitch deck, financial projections and business plan.

In most instances we also assist in the preparation of a data room.


We propose a list of potential investors in our network (e.g. Business angels, Venture capital funds, private equity funds, industry players), with short profiles and advise on prioritisation timelines for approaching them.

We assist in preparing investor meeting roadshows and then conduct in conjunction with the selected founding members.

We then facilitate exchange of confidentiality agreements and transmission of preliminary information materials to potential investors. After submission of indicative bids we then we facilitate site visits, data room access and due diligence meetings.

IdealMio then assists in the final negotiations, structuring and transaction documentation in conjunction with the client’s lawyers and any other advisors.

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Glass Buildings

Equity Advisory

Raising capital is not easy and fast, but we make it easier, Faster, More sustainable.

How do we do it ?

Offering a close to 100% remote Equity Advisory service from company readiness to approach investors, planning and execution. 

How we work


Implementing the investment strategy, key documents and anticipating all the investor questions is crucial to close the upcoming round


A basic approach where we analyse and support the execution, we show you the way and advice throughout the whole process 


Our full service Model  we take care of just about everything. We Analyse, Support, and Execute.

We will find the investors and support your company until the deal is closed

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Why need an equity advisor?

"Convincing investors to invest in you is probably one of the hardest duty your will face as a CEO.

Investors expect you to be investment ready and with a solid plan that shows you are going to be that one candidate which they love to invest in".

IdealMio knows how capital raising works. We are experts of securing startup investment across a wide range of sectors. We’ve secured millions of dollars worth of investment from multiple rounds.

We can do the same for you.

For startups at late seed to Series A+, when you’re preparing to face your potential investors, take us with you.