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Start-up Capital Advisory

Raising capital isn’t easy. But we make it easier. Faster. More sustainable. How do we do that? By partnering you with the processes and insight you’re missing and the people who’ve been through it all before. And because we do it as a service, it’s brilliantly affordable.

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Capital Raising services

• Help you select the right path to investment success
• Help you define a proposition that really engages investors
• Refine your pitch and produce the marketing collaterals to make you stand out from the crowd
• Maintain momentum to maximise results and attract investors
• Help you choose the best investor match for your growth needs

Get ready to Raise Capital

Capital Raising is never a good idea when you are not ready for it.

The key is being armed with the information, understanding and assets you need to engage potential investors, avoid being blindsided by an unexpected question, and make the strongest possible case for their involvement.

For first timers and seasoned investment seekers, we’ll help you discover the most effective fundraising strategies, and put them to work. Here’s how:

1) Develop your investment strategy

What’s the proposition? That’s the key to defining a rewarding investment strategy that raises capital for your small business startup. Everything else – the investors you target, the pitch you present, and the collateral you develop – rely on it.

That’s why we’ll work with you to define and refine the proposition before using it to further define investor targets, timelines, exit strategies and more.

2) Create your investment assets

A great pitch deck makes your offering beautifully simple yet razor-sharp. The IdealMio team will combine your strategy, figures and your existing brand guidelines to help you develop a pitch deck that delivers the vision, ambition and detail investors expect.

3) Know your numbers

Being secure in your financials isn’t only an essential part of your capital fundraising campaign strategy. It’s vital to being able to maintain investor confidence when they start probing your forecasts and valuation. We’ll produce the detailed financial analysis to help you understand the numbers investors need and help you answer their questions with clarity. 

4) Make a perfect pitch

A great pitch can work wonders in inspiring investor confidence and excitement in you and the brand. That takes practice, so we’ll work with you to sell your pitch, anticipate questions and prepare to answer all possible questions.

How we work?


Implementing the investment strategy, key documents and anticipating all the investor questions is crucial to close the round


Building metrics, create momentum and show traction is essential to attract new investors and close the deal


A low touch approach where we Analyse and Support the execution, we show you the way and  support throughout the whole process 


Our ‘Let’s Go’ Model where we take care of just about everything. We Analyse, Support, and Execute.

We will find the investors and support your company until the deal is closed

Glass Buildings

Why need a capital raising advisor?

The Capital raising process can be a lonely place. That’s especially the case when you discover your proposition isn’t as powerful as you thought it was and your financials are being ripped apart by savvy investors.

IdealMio knows fundraising. We are experts of securing startup and growth investment across a wide range of sectors. We’ve secured millions of  dollars worth of investment from multiple fundraising rounds.

We can do the same for you.

For startups at late seed to Series A+ stage, when you’re preparing to face your potential investors, take us with you.